Throwback Photos: Milwaukee Road 261 Steam Engine

I’ve been going through my archives and pulling out photos from when I first started getting serious about photography. There are so many cringe inducing photos in there, but I got lucky a handful of times and I plan on sharing those on my blog.  The first set is the Milwaukee road 261 steamer coming into the Winona Train Depot on October 8th, 2005.   I just happened to be in the vicinity with my camera and was able to capture a few photo before the train pulled out.  I do still have the raw files, but I decided to show you my original edit as it captures the feel of where my style back then.  To get the “historic” feel to the vertical image, I printed it out on photo paper and gave it texture by crinkling it up a bit. Then I rubbed a very light amount of lemon juice on certain areas and then heated it with a heat gun. This gave it a slight burned look on the edges.  Once that was dried, I scanned it back in and did a final edit on the image in Photoshop 7.  That seems like an awful amount of work, but I could barely edit in photoshop and had zero clue on doing texture overlays at the time.

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