Sports: Windsurfing Session on Lake Waconia.

The past two months have been a blur and I haven’t done a lot of updates to my blog post (sorry).  So instead of getting caught up today, I decided to unplug and go windsurfing out on Lake Waconia.  I grew up in Waconia and it’s my favorite metro lake to sail on.  After about 4hrs of sailing, I was starting to push my jumps a bit higher in the increasing swell on the lake. After one sloppy landing I realized that I no longer had a fin and spun out uncontrollably. A fin basically allows you to have direction…without a fin you are pretty much out of luck. After a few minutes of bobbing in the water, I decided that my best option was to make a swim to shore with all my gear in tow.  I was just over 1 mile out from where I started and the nearest shoreline was about .8 of a mile downwind. This swim is affectionately known amongst windsurfers/kitersurfers as the “Swim of shame”….and a very shameful swim it was.  Once I made landfall, I hid my gear in the long grass and began the 1.25 mile “Walk/Run of Shame” barefoot back to my car.  I have been windsurfing for 17 years and I haven’t had a major mechanical failure like this in a good 10+ years, so I had a pretty good run.




When I got back, I did rip off some photos of the locals having fun on the water.  Below are a few of the highlights.







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