Random: Favorite Mug vs favorite “walk around” lens

If I had to pick one lens out of all my lenses, it would have to be my Canon 24-105L  f/4 IS.   I have a super sharp copy and it is just a fantastic lens when paired up to my 5dmk2 or my 6d.  I love the colors, contrast and the range of it. Plus its not stupid heavy like my 70-200L 2.8 IS.   While it’s not the BEST at any one specific thing, it’s dang good at just about everything and that is often good enough for me.

For my 30th birthday (2 yrs ago), I received this fantastic mug….yup my favorite lens in mug form.  Too bad it’s not really stabilized like the real lens, I have had a few close calls with coffee trying to jump into my keyboard.

I’m in the middle of a hours long editing bender, so I will have the honor of filling this mug up more then a few times.


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