My 4 year old Son joined me on this sunset shoot.

My wife is in grad school and has a never ending stream of work to get done. My son, Callan, is four years old and has a never ending amount of energy. On Sunday, those two facts were not compatible. The solution was to include him on a sunset shoot at a local lake. I figured he would stomp around in the mud, so he came prepared with rubber boots and old clothing. He did enjoy the beach, but then decided to push his luck by going too far into the water. The fact that he was up to his waist in water did not seem to phase him one bit, but considering ice out was only a couple weeks back, I opted to be a good father and take advantage of the spare clothing we keep tucked in the van. I still wanted to get a sunset photo, so I decided to promote Callan to “shutter release operator.” He was thrilled about the job promotion and I was relieved to see him stay dry (we only had one spare set of clothing.) Here are a couple of the photos we captured that night and the “shutter release operator” ready to take more photos.

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