Landscapes: Tischer Creek

I was up in Duluth a few weeks back for a shoot and ended up with a couple hours to myself for a bit of landscape photography.  The water was pretty low, so the waterfalls weren’t overly exciting, but I still had a great time hiking up the creeks.  These two photos are of Tischer Creek which is located in Cogdon park on the north east side of the city.  While I was hiking back from an overlook, I came around a corner and ran into a somewhat aggressive bear roughly 10 feet away from me.  Unfortunately, I just had my 70-200 2.8 IS on my camera and and basically just took a quick snap as I was backing away from it….. so the photo is pretty bad (blurry and not all that in focus). I have spent a lot of time in the north woods, so this wasn’t my first bear and it won’t be my last, but this guy was one of the more aggressive I have ran into.  Glad it didn’t engage and went back to doing whatever it was doing.



These are of the same waterfall, but I wasn’t sure which I liked better.

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