April Snow!!!!!

It seems that I may be one of the few that were actually celebrating the rare April snowstorm that we received last night. It’s warm out, the snow is sticky and fun to build stuff with, AND all the snow will be gone by mid next week. What’s not to like about that? I suppose those who actually had to go to work this morning could have a few choice words for me, but aside from that I say embrace the season that you are in.   My three girls and I met up with my father for a nice snowshoe around the prairie/forest that is right off my parents backyard.  We tried to get a few photos, but the sun/snow combination created a very intense lighting environment, so we went with the “squinting” look for the photos that we did take.  I’m going down to Welch Village tomorrow to get in one last ski session and then it will probably be time to put all the winter gear up into storage for the year.


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