A fiery sunset over the Rum River

The clouds were at higher altitudes and the humidity was low, so I figured there would be a good chance for a decent sunset tonight. After a bit of research on TPE (http://photoephemeris.com/), I decided to explore a section along the Rum River at the Anoka Nature Preserve that had some larger trees washed up on the shoreline.   I arrived an hour before sunset and decided to take the long way around to see other parts of the forest.   The location I had originally picked out had roughly ten feet of mud separating the trunk of the tree from me and I wasn’t in the mood to risk getting stuck out there. So I continued up the shoreline for a while and came across a perfect spot that didn’t require any adventuring to get to.  Once my camera was set up and I had my tripod secured to the tree trunk, I was able to just take in the sounds of a late Minnesota autumn.  The geese were still in the area and I was able to watch a Bald Eagle catch some fish across the river.  After about twenty minutes of waiting, the sun dropped below the  horizon and the sky started to light up with reds and oranges.  It’s always hard to balance capturing the moment and also living in the moment.  Once I was certain I had an image I liked, I sat back down and just watched it fade to gray.


  • Canon 6d + Canon 17-40mmL + 3 stop soft edge Graduated ND filter
  • Aperture: f/4
  • Exposure: 1/25 sec
  • ISO: 500

When I was setting this photo up, I really wanted to be on top of the log shooting down and out over the water. The main issue I ran into was that the log was not very stable and offered very limited tripod placement locations.  Ideally, I’d have liked to shot closer to f/7.1 and a ISO of 100 or 200, but this would have given me a longer exposure time and camera shake blur. The result was having to shoot at a shorter exposure duration, a higher ISO, and wide open at f/4.

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